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Q: What advantages do Paraverse NFTs have over traditional coupons, gift cards, and loyalty programs? A: Unlike traditional forms of marketing, Paraverse NFTs provide value indefinitely rather than being single use. If you decide that you no longer would like to utilize a Paraverse NFT, you can still sell it on an open marketplace. In other words, you can still profit from your hard-earned relationship with a brand by selling your loyalty to someone else. Paraverse NFTs also possess an element of flexibility as the benefits provided to holders can evolve over time. For example, a Paraverse NFT that at one point offers a 15% discount may subsequently start promoting a buy one, get one free deal.

Q: How do I set up a wallet with Paraverse? A: We allow users to create a wallet with just an email and password, no complicated seed phrase or wallet set-up. Just download the Paraverse app onto your smartphone and sign up!

Q: How do I acquire Paraverse NFTs? Do I need to purchase them? A: We believe that Paraverse NFTs should be earned or rewarded, not bought. In general, it will be up to the brands associated with Paraverse to decide how these NFTs will be awarded or earned. Once acquired, these NFTs will be delivered to your Paravere wallet. No purchase is necessary, but we do acknowledge that some of our users will still purchase Paraverse NFTs on market places if they choose to.

Q: Do my pre-existing Paraverse NFTs purchased on the open market need to be transferred to my Paraverse wallet before they can be redeemed? A: Yes, you would need to transfer from your MetaMask or another external wallet. Pre-existing NFT holders of associated projects can easily verify their NFT in the Paraverse app.

Q: Where can I redeem my Paraverse NFTs? A: At brand-associated stores, events, and websites that are affiliated with Paraverse.

Q: How do I redeem value from Paraverse NFTs? A: Holders can redeem brand-associated value either in-person or online. Scan a QR code at the associated brand’s checkout stand to use.

Q: Can I transfer Paraverse NFTs to other wallets? A: Just MetaMask for now, but we will integrate with more wallets in the future.

Q: How much will I need to pay in transaction fees to transfer and mint Paraverse NFTs? A: You won’t have to worry about fees as long as Paraverse NFTs are utilized natively on the app. The only scenario in which you would incur fees would be if Paraverse NFTs were being transferred using other wallets like Meta Mask.

Q: Can Paraverse NFTs expire over any length of time? A: Only if the brand chooses an expiration date. You will be notified of any expiration dates inside the Paraverse App in your NFT description.

Q: I’m a brand owner or Influencer and would like to issue NFTs using Paraverse. Who can I get in touch with for my inquiry? A: Fill out the Discovery Meeting form below or contact

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